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Post Wedding Fatigue

October 15, 2013

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                       October 14, 2013



Weddings are more exhausting than NCAA Final Fours or early morning Black Friday in front of Best Buy. Today…two days after my daughter’s wedding…I’m drained! I have a “countdown until bedtime” going on my smart phone.

There may not be a single spiritual nugget in this blog, because I’m not processing clearly. The letters on the keyboard are rrrruuuunnnniiinnnggggg together! The Starbucks Ethiopian Dark Roast has run it’s course. Thirty ounces was not enough!

Weddings are points of light that stand out. You realize that your child has grown up. You remember the years…the smile before her first day of kindergarten with two teeth missing…the time that Jake Wassner hit her in the head with a rock…kicking the For Sale sign over in front of our house in Mason, Michigan…the sparkle of being one of the Homecoming attendants…meeting Mike Terveen for the first time…college graduation…counseling kids at middle school camp…Skyping with us last Christmas as we opened presents…Papaw Wolfe giving her the diamond bracelet he bought for my mom on their 60th anniversary, and having a box of tissues ready for Lizi right after that.

Weddings are moments of looking back and looking ahead. They are time of realizing that she is no longer our little girl…and being deeply proud of who she has become.

And now I’m toasted!

So is our bank account….but it’s okay! Years from now she will look back, as well as everyone who was there, and there will be smiles. She will remember it as being a blessed day, a time she will not forget. We will remember it as a day in which we realized how blessed we are.

Having Patience in a Christian Bookstore

August 21, 2013

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                         August 21, 2013

I find it interesting that the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 is preceded by the acts of the sinful nature. It’s not until Paul deals out words like jealousy, hatred, selfish ambition, and envy that he finally gets around to talking about the spiritual fruit of love, joy, peace, …patience! I realize that the Word of God is inspired, and so there must be a reason why God had him write it in that order.

Perhaps it’s to help us identify difficult people…and then tell us to lighten up. Put a smile on!

Last week I had a couple of items I needed to get at a local Christian bookstore.

Translation! “God had a couple of ways he wanted me to grow in the spiritual fruit of patience…so he made it imperative that I go to the Christian bookstore.”

      As I avoided being trampled by a herd of smart-shopping women (Actually, just three!) because I mistakenly had entered into the aisle that was featuring half-price “get well soon” cards…that, unfortunately, were on the other side of me and the women were heading in that direction, I prayed for the protection of the Lord. His protection came in the form of a rack of Jesus t-shirts that I squeezed under until the feminine trio passed me by.

After the rumble had subsided I made my escape to go look for one of items that necessitated my journey to the store in the first place- communion cups! It was then that I realized how behind the times I am. At first glance I thought I was standing in front of a Christian coffee displays on K-cups for my Keurig. Then I realized it was the new “C-cups!” A taste of grape juice in the little plastic cup with a chewy tasteless wafer on top. It was the Christian fellowship version to popping the top on a can of Pepsi! Convenient, quick…probably cuts out a needless five minutes of wasted worship service time waiting for the bread and the cup to be passed out. Think of how much shorter Jesus’ last supper could have taken. In the midst of all the C-cup boxes…crammed into the back of the rack like an uninvited guest, I found a box of communion cups…the old kind, no bread attached.

I grabbed the box and started heading towards the front. I had forgotten what the other item I was suppose to get even was. On my way to the front a mom and her daughter were arguing about which cross necklace to purchase.

As often happens in stores, there was only one cashier at the check-out registers. Another employee was putting a name in gold letters on the front of a new Bible. Being fifth in line was my plight. I stood there trying to think of the Biblical significance of the number five…came up with nothing! By that time I was fourth.

Five minutes later I had moved up to second in the rankings with five trailing me. it was at that point that it occurred to the young guy with five facial hairs (There was the number five!) to call for another check-out person. It seemed as if a woman ascended from the ceiling to the next register over. The last two women in line sprinted to the front as if they were running the race to win the prize.

Patience, my son! Patience! Smile!

The woman in front of me had about fifty trinkets that had to be scanned individually. Numbers three through five gradually disappeared from my line like the morning mist. If the rapture is determined by whose last in line I’m toast!

The young cashier had no clue of my exercise in patience. He asked me the question, “How are you today?”

      Smile!!!! “Fine!”

      “Did you find everything you needed?”

      “And some things I didn’t need!”

      He looked at me confused…but he got over it!

“Do you still carry the Left Behind series?”

      “Yes, we do! Would you like to look for them?”

      No…no…no, I wouldn’t want to lose my place in line.”

      Further confusion in my wake as I exited the store with a smile on my face.