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Waiting For A Word

October 13, 2010

I’m amazed at obedient dogs!

I’m talking about the Golden Retriever who sits and waits until his master tells him to come. This morning as I was driving out of our subdivision there was a man with his beagle “having a moment” on the street corner. The beagle sat with his eyes on the master in front of him. I don’t know how long they stayed there. I didn’t want to sit and stare and their “moment together.”
Of course, there’s other canines that flunk the test. I don’t know if ADHD is a condition that some dogs have, but…man! They need to watch a few Rin Tin Tin episodes.
I haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks now. I’ve had other things to take care of, but it’s also been a “waiting time.”
I good friend of ours, who we dearly miss, used to balance a cookie on his dog’s nose, and tell “Chaps” to “Wait…wait…wait…okay!” I’ve been waiting and waiting, but there hasn’t been a cookie on my nose.
I’m not very talented in the “waiting department”, but waiting is part of the intimacy with our Lord. In our church right now there are a few ladies (My oldest daughter being one of them!) who are in a waiting period. It’s better known as pregnancy. The waiting allows the expectancy level to continue to rise. It includes uncomfortableness, anxiety, morning sickness, or “all-day sickness”, joy, preparation. Growth happens each day. From one ultra-sound to the next the expectant parents see the development of the child within.
It’s all waiting…until the birth experience to a new time.
There are many times in during that pregnancy that the mother wishes the tape could be fast-forwarded to the end; and yet, something would be lost in the richness of that “moment” is that took place.
Not many of us are good at it. Just wait for a moment behind someone who is sitting at a green light, but not moving. When that happens to me I start quivering, unless it’s someone on a cell phone oblivious to the world. Then, I get angry!
If I could interview anyone I might choose the 33 Chilean milers. I’d like to ask them if they experienced different stages of waiting, different thoughts and emotions as one day spread to a week, and a week spread to a month. Did “waiting” become like a companion with them? Did any of them come to a different place in their faith, even as they sat in the same place? What kind of faith-questioning moments did they deal with?
Some may say that God draws close to us in our waiting. I believe God is close to us whether we’re in the midst of a frenzied pace, or waiting in an underground tunnel. I’m coming to the point where I believe the waiting moments of life will either cause our heart to cry out to God more, or we’ll scream in protest as we turn away from Him.
Waiting will not leave us in the same place.

P.S. I’m going to go get my cookie now, God!