About W.W.

Words from W.W. is written by an aging 63 year old American Baptist pastor who thinks he can still dunk! The seeds for the writings come from conversations, thoughts, and strange ideas that suddenly occur to the writer as he’s driving to and from the wherever or sitting at his designated stool at his favorite Starbucks sipping his Pike Place brew while looking out at Pike’s Peak. Comments and dialogue are always welcome. In his spare time W.W. coaches basketball and football, substitute teaches any grade level ABOVE kindergarten, and writes. He is married, has three grown children, and three grandchildren. He is often confused by DVD players and reality TV shows, but is clear about his faith commitment to Jesus. He lives in Colorado Springs and is a graduate of Judson University in Elgin, Illinois and Northern Baptist Seminary in Lombard, Illinois.

2 Comments on “About W.W.”

  1. E.T. Says:

    It’s great to see “Words from WW” finally on-line so everyone talk it up on your Facebook pages!

  2. timothy james hammond Says:

    pastor bill wolf is a wonderful pastor and preaches the words

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