Seventh Grade Love Letter Path

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                           June 6, 2014

      Some of my posts this month will seem a little different than the usual. Okay…maybe more different than different…like a Baptist pastor looking at a multitude of approaching rabbit trails. Each one takes me in a different direction. The reason for this is that I’m doing a month-long writing challenge through the blogging site, WordPress. Each day it gives the writer a theme to write about. Today’s post evolves out of their seed thought of discovering a life-changing letter on a path and wanting to get it back to the writer. the added twist for today is trying to keep it brief



School done!

My seventh grade textbooks were tucked under my arm as I headed home by the usual path. Twenty paces into the woods a piece of paper was pinned to a tree by a cropped off branch. My name was written in emphasized magic marker. I discerned that it was for me. I was the only Jethro that I knew.

The unclipped note in my hand was turned over to reveal the message:

“I really like you. Do you like me?”


                               The One Sitting Beside You in Social Studies


My heart rate sped up. Leslie Palmer! My hands sweat just sitting beside her in class. And now she wanted to know if I liked her.

That was a stupid question.


She lived just a couple streets over from my house. I slowed my pace and headed in that direction, not wanting to beat her home from school. A few houses from her two-story I saw her walking. I ran ahead and shouted her name.

“Leslie!” She turned and looked at me curiously. I sprinted to the spot.

“I just wanted you to know that I do.”

“You do what?”

“Here’s your letter back. I do like you.”

Her face distorted, and she let loose with a loud “Ewwww!”

It was at that awkward moment that I realized that my secret admirer wasn’t the girl who sat on my right, but rather the one who sat on my left in Social Studies.

It was Lucy, not Leslie…and I immediately let loose with an even louder…


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