Lost In Translation (Part 1)

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                        June 5, 2014


                                        “Lost In Translation (Part 1)”


I will be the first to admit to you that I am clueless on a lot of things, and in a number of ways.

But, in many ways, I’m clued in to the fact that I’m clueless. If someone starts talking techie stuff I’m present in the body but absent in the mind.

My life has been punctuated with clueless moments and conversations. One that stands out to me happened during my junior year of high school. It was Homecoming Week, that one great week in the fall of the school year where the popular students get picked to be on the Homecoming court, and the rest of us find out we’re not nearly as cool. (I’m not bitter!)

I had asked a beautiful young lady who I will fictitiously call Bridget to go to the Homecoming dance with me. She said yes and I was elated! I wasn’t quite sure what sexy meant yet, but she seemed to be leaning in that direction. Of course, most sixteen year old boys get excited just by looking at Betty Crocker. Bridget, however, was a ways on up the gauge meter from Betty.

We danced together and I can remember the scent of apple blossoms resonating from her body. She had long dark hair and the latest style in eyeglass wear. I wore my varsity jacket, which I hoped would give me some resemblance of being important and studly!

The evening went well until I lost the translation. It happened as I walked her to the front door of her home. There was a porch light on and Bridget looked at me and asked me if I would like for her to turn the light off.

My  masculinity suddenly took a vacation and before I knew what I was saying I replied, “No, that’s okay!”

Clueless! Idiot!

She had opened the door for a goodnight kiss and I had closed it shut in just a few oblivious seconds.

I called her the next week to ask her out on another date. There seemed to be an air of coldness as I tried to have conversation with her, and then I popped the question.

“Would you like to go out on another date?”

And then the words of rejection!

“No, that’s okay!”

Lost in cluelessness! I’m still haunted by the words!

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3 Comments on “Lost In Translation (Part 1)”

  1. Karen Says:

    Love this post!

  2. Mary Frances Says:

    Well, I know that wasn’t me, I was still in junior high. 🙂

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