What Would Jesus Do…Still?

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                                     June 30, 2015


Back a few years ago (the 1990’s!) multitudes of people wore bracelets with the four initials branded into them that said “WWJD.” It stood for “What Would Jesus Do?” It was a question that reminded many followers of Jesus that what the Christ would do in various life situations might very well be different from what the majority was doing?

It’s interesting in reading the Wikipedia definition of “What Would Jesus Do?” In their view the definition was “a personal motto of Evangelical Christianity” to help adherents make decisions about moral beliefs.

It seems that when the label “Evangelical Christianity” is used these days you can almost hear a sneer or chuckle. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive, but I’d prefer to hear the words “followers of Jesus.”

And so the question now for Christ’s followers is “What Would Jesus Do…Still?” The one who is quick to answer “The same things he would have done in 1990” might need to stop and consider.

Was our concern for the environment as heightened in 1990 as it is today? Would Jesus recycle radically? Would he ride a bike to speaking engagements?

Would Jesus be more health conscious in his decision making now than twenty years ago? Would he eat organic and abstain from red meat?

Was our concern for human trafficking even on the radar in the mid-nineties? What would Jesus response be to the recent revelation of fish showing up in our supermarkets that had been caught by enslaved fisherman in Indonesia?

Would Jesus have any opinion about the increasing number of millionaires in our country while the poop get poorer?

The thing is “WWJD” is more relevant now, and urgent, than it was twenty years ago. Perhaps we need new bracelets that say “WWJDS?”

As time goes on, the understanding of how to answer that question gets more foggy. People who are self-absorbed and perfectly content to develop their own personal theologies will answer that question in increasingly bizarre ways. But, on the other hand, those who walk closely with Jesus will also sometimes error.

What would Jesus do…still? I believe the answers to that question draw upon the question and answers from one of those prophets from long ago, Micah, who asked the question”What does the Lord require of you?” Perhaps he paused for a few moments before writing an answer: “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

     Perhaps that is a beginning to the pondered question. Sometimes we’re prone to write the ending before we have the beginning.

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2 Comments on “What Would Jesus Do…Still?”

  1. clara.mcmahon.morgan@gmail.com Says:

    My favorite OT scripture!

    Keep us in your prayers. Looking like my husband, a non-smoker, has lung cancer. Waiting for our first visit to Moffitt Cancer Center, the SE’s best. Thx! Loved your baptism pictures.


    Clara Morgan 727.249.4568


    • wordsfromww Says:

      The baptisms were awesome, especially the people who were privileged to do the baptizing, who have walked the spiritual journeys with those they lowered into the waters. In two weeks I get to baptize my grandson!

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