Dental Visits

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                                              June 16, 2015


I was fooled into believing that eating raw almonds was good for you. Healthy and nutritious and all that fifth grade healthy education stuff. It may be healthy after it gets past your teeth, but one of my molars is living proof that eating raw almonds has some negative side effects…like a fracture! Maybe next time I’ll put the almonds in a blender and puree’ them for about an hour!

So I spent part of this afternoon in a chair at my dentist with a bright light shining in my mouth. I like my dentist. She’s warm and personable, and even laughs at some of my humor…then she sticks the numbing needle in my gum!

Help me, Jesus!

I start talking like one of those characters that used to be on the “Fat Albert Show.” Every word seemed to have a “dubba” connected to it. My words don’t slur, they stumble!

Today I was in “the chair” for an hour and forty-five minutes! I go back in two weeks for my permanent crown. In the mean time it’s suggested that I eat tomato soup, strained oatmeal, and Ramen Noodles…minus the noodles! I’ll be thinner than Olive Oyl!

It makes me wonder what they did back in the day! Oh, that’s right! They had wooden teeth or something like that! that probably didn’t work too well with raw almonds either.

Experiences like these make you appreciate all the other teeth you have, which I do…and will!

It also will make me think twice before buying another five pound bag of raw almonds at Sam’s Club!

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