WORDS FROM W.W.                                                   June 2, 2014




I’m a cluttered person. No matter how organized I try to be the clutter keeps coming…like an ocean wave that keeps arriving over and over again!
My study desk is cluttered. On my left I have unread TIME magazines, all brimming with intriguing topics that I hope some day to read…just not today! On the right there is now my empty Starbucks latte cup available for a refill, and a wristwatch that I never wear but always with the correct time.
This morning I put the trash out- both regular and recycled. I’m trying to convince myself that our Monday trash day when we have more recycled than regular trash is a good thing…a positive thing, but then the afternoon mail arrives and the clutter of a new week begins again.
My email is now cluttered! I seem to find my way on to more email shopping lists every week. Towards the beginning of each day I find it necessary to un-clutter my email.
My clothes closet is cluttered. About the time I had things downsized my brother-in-law sent me a dozen shirts that he had never worn. Never worn! “Never worn” means I would feel to guilty to just toss them…although he found it convenient to toss them in my direction. I’m Baptist! Guilt comes easily for me!
Clutter is the new affliction in a culture of consumption. Last week there was a lady who got a dozen bottles of mustard for a quarter. It was such a deal that they featured her on the TV program. But I ask you, who needs a dozen bottles of mustard? My one bottle is already three months past its expiration date and it isn’t even half-used.
We’re scheduled to have a rummage sale in a onto or so, but guess what? The freed up space will be filled with other people’s clutter from their rummage sales shortly thereafter.

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