Reflections of a Middle School Camp Pastor, Day 3

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                                        July 18, 2012


Mid-week with middle school students is a trip! They’ve come to the point where they are sometimes bluntly open with you, or humorously entertaining..even though they aren’t quiet aware of it.

For example, here is a sampling of conversations I have had at the meal time table with some middle school students. Let me qualify this with two statements. This is not verbatim, but also there is not necessarily a flow to the conversation. The lack of flow is part of the fascination I experience in working with middle schoolers.

ME: So what has been the best thing about this week so far?

Going to the nurse Sunday night! We talked about Harry Potter for like ninety minutes.”

Harry Potter is cool. Some people don’t like Harry Potter, but I love him!”

Like that one song we made up about him!”

I love that song.” (Starts singing it.)

I can’t remember that one verse we made up.”

Isn’t Bobby good on the guitar?”

Yes, and he takes his shoes off.”

I got a new pair last week at Target.”


No, socks.”

I saw the greatest pair of socks at basketball camp last month. They were Superman socks, with like a little Superman cape on the back of each one.”

Oh…have you seen the Spiderman movie?”

No, but there was a spider above my head in the cabin last night. Freaked me out.”

Do you think God created spiders?”

Why would he?”

Spiders are scary. I hate things that creep around in the dark when I can;t see them.”

Do you think God can see spiders in the dark?”

Probably. I think God sees everything.”

He doesn’t need a flashlight. His eyes are like headlights.”

No they aren’t!”

Then how does he see things in the dark.”

He just does, because he’s God.”

Oh! You know something? I hate peas!”

Amen to that! Especially when my parents mix them in with carrots.”

I don’t understand why God gave us peas!”

Some things are just unexplainable.”

That’s for sure! Pass the salt please!”

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2 Comments on “Reflections of a Middle School Camp Pastor, Day 3”

  1. KatieCO Says:

    ROTFLOL!! Sounds like dinner at MY house…

  2. Chesley Photo Says:

    Hahahaha it’s even better because you can always see the transition made, but it’s so loosely tied together it almost seems completely random. Thanks for the share and I’ve truly been enjoying your posts!

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