Christian Sarcasm

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                                 March 29, 2012

This week my office door at church features a sign that says “Sarcasm…just one more service we offer here.” Seriously! I think we’re on to something!

What if the church could elevate its sarcasm game a little bit? What if we could say more things that we don’t really mean?

Josh, you’re so friendly today!” Josh, who is about as friendly as an IRS tax guide, is now wondering if he really is…or isn’t!

Sue, I didn’t realize that hairstyle was coming back.” Sue is now in a quandary. Is she a trendsetter? Are you being serious with us?

Jim, your breath is so minty!” Jim is now wondering if that mint he had a week ago is still working. Could it be more effective than the Awesome Blossom he had at Chili’s for lunch?

Sarcasm could go a long ways in keeping people focused on what is being said in conversations. Perhaps more sarcasm in the Sunday sermon will keep people on their toes. Drawing attention to Herb’s leisure suit just as his eyelids are closing could keep the sleepy awake.

Can you imagine the offering plate being passed around and when a dollar bill gets dropped in the usher says, “Oooo…big spender!” in a loud voice?

Christian sarcasm has possibilities. It would allow us to stay superficial while acting in ways that minimize the value of the other person.

Oh, wait! That’s how we are a lot of the time already.

That’s right…I guess…I forgot that a lot of how we communicate already tends towards being unauthentic and not how what we really think.

I guess, in looking back at it, most of my words here were sarcasm…or were they?

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One Comment on “Christian Sarcasm”

  1. Clint Says:

    One of my favorite posts of yours.

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