WORDS FROM W.W. January 27, 2010
(Clarification: Sometimes Words from W.W. is a “sort-a spoof”. Spoofs in the past haven’t been comprehended by some of the readers, hence, some have wondered what planet the author is from or on.)

January 1- The adventure begins. I sprinted through the first eleven chapters of Genesis. The first six days of creation took me just seven minutes. At this rate I’ll revel in Revelation by June!
January 4- Discovered a few things about the faith of Abraham. Couldn’t quite figure our Sarah’s laugh. Was it a snicker, a giggle, or one of those laughs that communicate “Fat chance”? Puzzling, but I’ve got to keep going!
January 15- Things at work have been hectic, but I did finish Genesis. Joseph was a little quirky. His brothers…different! It’s on to Exodus tomorrow.
February 1- Left my bible at church two weeks ago and finally got it back. It was on one of the tables in the fellowship hall and I “passed right over it.” I’m knee deep in plagues right now. Still can’t figure out how a crocodile didn’t get Moses in that basket cradle of his! I guess God really was in the midst of those reeds. Got to pick up my pace. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of those genealogy chapters soon. It’s okay to skim them! I can’t pronounce most of the names anyway.
February 17- Ash Wednesday and I’m dying! Sin offerings, grain offerings, burnt offerings, fellowship offerings…it goes on and on! They had more offerings than a Baptist church in a building campaign! I’ve got to make my way out Exodus!
March 15- Skimmed Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Didn’t get too bogged down in them since I’m a “new covenant” kind of person anyway. What do I care about what the year of Jubilee was? I want to be free from all that stuff!
March 20- I love Joshua! It’s like reading a Hollywood movie script. A prostitute, falling walls, a standing still sun…it’s an adventure! God is amazing! Just about the time I’m losing interest he throws this book in there.
April 4- Easter Sunday and I hope my reading schedule can rise from the dead.
April 30- Made it to Chronicles, but didn’t I read about most of these guys in Kings? I’m going to pray about just jumping to Ezra.
May 1- I felt God say it was okay! That’s good! Skimmed the list of names in the first two Ezra chapters.
May 25- I tried to get through Job, but it was so long! His so-called friends just went on and on and on. Come on! Say it and sit down! It was like listening to a C-Span TV marathon!
June 21- Out of Job, but don’t feel like praising (Psalms) or getting any more wisdom (Proverbs), or receiving someone’s philosophy of life (Ecclesiastes). I’m heading for Song of Solomon. I hear it’s pretty interesting!
June 22- Song of Solomon was too weird! I’ve heard Isaiah is full of great spiritual prophecies.
July 10- Had to take a break! Family vacation. Didn’t have room to pack my bible. God rested on the seventh day. I needed two weeks.
August 15- I’m skipping the minor prophets. They must not be that important. I’ve got to get to the gospels. I need Jesus!
September 1- I’m looking forward to Labor Day Weekend. I think I’m going to try to put in a bible-reading marathon on Monday.
September 8- Sorry Jesus! Our neighbors invited us for a cook-out. Being that we are to love our neighbors like ourselves I felt led to spend most of the day there. The sunburn is almost healed, but just didn’t feel well enough to read the Word.
October 1- Almost done with Mark. Three months to cover the last 25 books, but some of those are real short.
October 28- Made it through Luke and John just in time for Halloween. I was surprised there was so much repetition in the gospels. I thought they contained all original stories.
November 15-Acts is a trip. Love the Ananias and Sapphira part! Sometimes God really does knock ‘em dead!
December 1- Spilled my cup of coffee, thus wiping out 1 and 2 Corinthians. There is some spiritual lesson in that, but I don’t know what it is. I have to move on to Galatians anyway. Can’t waste time worrying about spilled milk.
December 23- Pretty much got the gist of the books written by Paul: “Dear Church, what’s happening? Love, Paul.” No reason to dwell on that every time. Besides, I’ve only got eight days to finish being fed by the Word.
December 31- Done! I remembered one of those reading suggestions I was given in college. Just read the first sentence in each paragraph, and you’ll know what the book is saying. I did that with 1 Peter through Revelation today. It only took me 30 minutes! I’ve finished the Book! There was a suggestion to read through the bible next year, but since I’ve done it…what else could I learn from doing it again?

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  1. firstbaptistfowlercolorado Says:

    creative stuff Bill. Of course, it could use a title page

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