WORDS FROM W.W. January 21, 2010

Haiti has dominated the news this past week. We’ve been numbed by the devastation, grieved by the scenes, and awakened to the needs. Haiti was in a desperate way before the earthquake. Now it is beyond comprehension.
The death toll is expected to reach 200,000, with 2,000,000 left homeless.
Two million homeless!
Aid has been rushed there, but a disaster of this magnitude has shown that relief efforts and medical help can’t get there fast enough. People are dying before they can be attended to medically. The Haitian government has been fairly invisible, but relief organizations are working around the clock. It’s chaotic, frantic, and heartbreaking.
There are people in the midst of this situation who want to rush ahead and figure out what is God is saying. Some have already determined what they feel God is saying and proclaimed it. Some of these proclamations have reached the media…and it hasn’t been good!
When someone assumes and proclaims that this is God’s way of dealing with a place where voodoo is a predominant religion it comes off as another example of self-righteous Christianity. There is a strong Christian presence in Haiti that gets disregarded and minimized by such a judgment.
So what is God saying? I won’t speak for God. He does fine on His own. He seldom gets recognized for an amazing sunset and the joy-producing giggle of a small child, but is quickly blamed for the pain of a fallen creation.
I can only share what he is speaking to my heart in the midst of this.
Help! Pray! Don’t forget!
He’s called me to help as best I can from a city thousands of miles away. Raise money, send money, keep people updated. When one of the poorest countries in the world endures such an event it escalates the massive needs to an incomprehensible amount. It will require effort from every corner of the world to turn darkness back into even a dim light.
Pray! My neighbor left for Haiti last Sunday to work with a relief organization. He had just gotten home from being deployed to Afghanistan, and his wife urged him to go help. I’m praying for him. His name is Scott. I’m praying for our missionaries such as Kristy Engel, who was serving in the Dominican Republic and spoke here at our church this past summer. She has traveled to the affected area to help. I’m praying that light will come into the darkness, that there will be more and more stories of hope. Someone the other day said they heard Haitian children singing praises to God on TV. Light in the darkness.
Don’t forget! It will take a lifetime for Haiti to recover any sense of what was a normal day. Our culture is focus-deficient. We too easily move on to the next thing. We can’t just move on from a place that has been destroyed. We must stay connected for the long haul.
God may be whispering something different to your heart. Whatever he’s speaking into your spirit it brings the fourth element to the surface.

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One Comment on “WHAT IS GOD SAYING?”

  1. Ed Says:

    The same three things (Help! Pray! Don’t Forget!) are watchwords for any disaster, such as the loss of a loved one, a layoff, or a divorce. God would have us do all of these things.

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