WORDS FROM W.W. December 3, 2009
“Leading an Accommodating Jesus”
My wife knows me like a book. She knows what I enjoy (jumbo shrimp, Monk, and basketball) and she also knows what pains me (reality TV shows, Walmart, and picking croutons off the top of my salad). One of the things she has been very cautious about asking me to do is going with her to the mall to do some shopping. I thank her profusely for extending “mall grace” to me.
But once in a while when she needs me to look at something in particular with her I tag along. I am not a man on a mission in those situations. Where she leads me I will follow . . . except into Victoria’s Secret. There I draw the line at the door!
When we go the mall the one store we’re going to go to turns into five. I usually don’t quibble, especially if I can get at least walk through Border’s. I don’t want to give the impression that I am always like this, but in that setting I am the picture of an accommodating husband.
She wants to look at new pillow cases.
She wants to see if Macy’s has sandals on sale.
She wants to check out the price of a new spatula at Sears.
When it comes to malls, she leads and I accommodate.
It may be a fairly rough comparison (because Carol is about as sweet and giving as you can get), but many times our relationship with Jesus has the same dynamics to it.
We lead. Jesus accommodates.
And whereas in a marriage relationship each spouse has those situations and occasions of leading, and other situations of accommodating (always leading and never accommodating would be a relationship based on authority, not equality), in our relationships with Jesus, He is the leader and we are His followers.
That understanding gets skewed by each one of us at times, or continually. The hymn gets reworded. “Where I lead Him, He will follow. He’ll go with me…with me…wherever I say.”
We can blame it on our fallen nature, our propensity for making mistakes, our home environment, or our friends, but it really comes down to our preference for a Jesus who accommodates us, who nods in agreement to our every whim, who rides in the back seat as we steer the vehicle, who always says “yes” when that’s the answer we desire to hear. Our life decisions often have us asking Jesus which direction to go in as we’re already turning right.
The cure is constant surrender of the controls to the Master; and repentance in those decisions that we’ve determined He will be the accommodating One.
I must unceasingly be asking myself how my life is accommodating the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It’s something I’d prefer to ignore, and therein lies the struggle.
Pastor Bill

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