WORDS FROM W.W. November 23, 2009
TO: The Church
FROM: Ira Tator
RE: Abusive Giving
I’m writing this letter because there is a disturbing trend that is emerging in the church. I feel that I must address it now before everything gets blown out of whack. We are playing with fire, and people are about to get burned.
My concern involves abusive levels of giving. People are doing insane things!
For example, last week I had no freezer space left in either refrigerator at the house. Both of them are crammed full right now with steaks and chicken breasts, and a few gallons of ice cream that happened to be on sale the week before last. I bought a frozen Dutch apple pie to go with the ice cream, but I didn’t have room for it! So I decided to bring it to the church and store it in one of the freezers there, but, good Lord Almighty, when I opened up the freezers they were full of frozen turkeys for some poor families in the community. I couldn’t count how many turkeys were in there frozen solid and taking up space. I had to take that Dutch apple pie back home and my husband, Dick, commanded me to bake it. He had three pieces that night and was sick for three days. Too many turkeys caused it!
If we want to give turkeys to poor people do they have to be frozen? If it’s in our church building, shouldn’t our freezer space be for people from our own church who are in desperate need of a little room?
And then there was the offering a few Sundays ago! When the offering plate got to our family’s pew there was so much money in it my sister Hesi didn’t know what to do. There weren’t any one dollar bills in sight. It was all twenties and fifties and even a few hundreds. It was embarrassing! She sat there staring into that plate for at least ten seconds before she finally tucked her dollar bill underneath, but then she turned beet red! And my other sister Emma followed the crowd and almost emptied her purse of all her money. If I hadn’t stepped in and stopped her she wouldn’t have had any money left for lunch at Red Lobster.
That is just another sign that things are getting out of hand!
A couple of weeks ago the pastor told how many people had been helped this year by our church with groceries and other basic needs. I couldn’t believe the figure he said…and look how much good it’s done. We still have poor people around us. In fact, doesn’t it say in the bible somewhere that we will always have poor people around us? If we keep trying to help them out of poverty pretty soon there will be no poor people, and therefore, we will be going against what scripture says…since they are ALWAYS suppose to be there!
My sister Emma hopes to land a man someday, and have little ones, but what’s going to happen when a few Tator Tots are learning bad habits like sharing with the other children.
People need to cut back a little bit. If we take care of everyone in need we won’t have money for IHOP, and that will put them in jeopardy of closing, and then there are all those people who will be out of work. As you can see, generosity is a tool for evil. There will always be the haves and the have-nots, and if we are the haves we’ve just got to grin and bear it.
If we help people in our community too much the church won’t stick out as the light of the world because everyone else’s lights will be shining brighter.
I’m sure this all made sense to you. We’re all about proclaiming the name of Jesus. That’s why we believe he has made us prosperous- because we’re such good living witnesses for him.
One more thing! Someone keeps parking in our family’s parking spot that we’ve had for years. We know it’s not marked, but everyone knows that’s where the Tator family backs up the wagon. It’s ours and we’re not giving it away!
See you Sunday!

Mrs. Ira Tator

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