Spreading Jeer or Cheer

The past few days have seen a severe cold spell sweep the country. Even the college football games set in traditionally warmer climates haven’t escaped the plunge. The “Frozen Tundra” of Green Bay has been re-enacted in places like Fort Worth and Mobile. I tried to find an attendance figure for the First Responders Bowl that Air Force and Baylor played in at Fort Worth, where the temperature went down to 10 degrees during the game. One site listed the attendance as “0”. Although the figure was a bit higher than that, it looked like there were more players on the field than people in the stands.

Such it is in mid-December. Unfortunately, the plunge into winter came as travelers made their way across Interstates and lugged their luggage into airports. Roads were closed (My youngest daughter, husband, and two little ones were glad that there was still room in the inn in Loveland, when they discovered I-25 was closed going north) and flights were delayed or canceled. The weather brought out the Grinch and Grump in many folk.

One lady expressed her anger on social media for anyone who was desperate for reading material. She blamed the airlines, the airport, the ground crew, and the customer service agents. In essence, she blamed anyone she could think of who had nothing to do with the fact that it was 20 below. She was irritated, kinda like someone eating the last cookie and then complaining that there aren’t any more cookies.

Inconvenience and interruption have a way of bring ing our the jeers, don’t they? I admit I’m a jeering Johnny if things I plan on get side-tracked. If I discovered the water for my morning shower wasn’t hot, watch out! Or, no morning cup of coffee makes turns Billy into a bully. It’s easy to turn grumpy.

However, the stories of Christmas jeer have been counter-balanced with accounts of Christmas cheer. Our youngest daughter’s brother-in-law and his wife, stranded in Wall, South Dakota, were taken in by a family for two nights while the interstate was closed. Yesterday, the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission fed more people a hot Christmas meal than they ever had. Lily Dubose , a 13-year-old who lives in Houston, has been collecting toys for kids going through hard times since 2017. Her heart for kids has been the pulse that has seen over 30,000 toys contributed.

There’s three cheers that have impacted a helpless, the homeless, and the hurting. Christmas may bring out the Grinch, but it also causes the Gracious to emerge in unexpected ways.

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