Life Interrupted

A few days ago the fragile nature of life came close to me. A Mercedes-Benz sedan blew through a stop sign going at least 50 as my CRV was already proceeding through the intersection. Less than two seconds separated me from being able to write these words and breathing my last.

I have replayed those moments quite often in the days since. I can see the bushes on the other side of that intersection and at the entrance to our subdivision. The blur of the speeding car coming from my right, perhaps never even being aware of how close to the edge of life he/she can come.

We sometimes take the rules of life for granted. More than that, we take life for granted…and then something interrupts it. A sickness, a virus, a fire, an accident, a mistake. Any one of them throws our plans into a rolling bundle of chaos.

We have a tendency to treat life like the electricity in our homes, just there…always…not even a part of our thoughts. When I flip the wall switch as I enter a room I just assume that the lights will turn on. Life is like that, taken for granted, assumed. Our calendars are an indication of our presumptions. Not that planning ahead is a bad thing, but rather an instrument that keeps our attention off the slippery existence of life.

Let’s be honest! Many of us were surprised that Betty White passed away, even though she was just a few weeks shy of reaching 100. We just assumed she would always be around, doing Snickers commercials and being the featured entertainment on Saturday Night Live. This life, however, has a punctuation point at the end to indicate its conclusion.

A streaking car, operating outside the traffic laws, makes a person not only think twice about crossing an intersection, but also about his life direction, his purpose, and his relationships. Does what he’s doing in his life make sense or is it nonsense?

Sometimes the careless living of someone else causes a person to do a careful evaluation of where his own life is heading.

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