Flying Thoughts

My wife and I returned from a trip back to Ohio to see family last night. Now, today, after three different flights and a delay, we will need to extend grace to one another as we grouse and groan about our latest plane experiences. I had thought about driving the 1,300 miles from Colorado Springs to the southern tip of Ohio, but the realization that 1,300 miles would be followed a few days later with 1,300 miles back…and the rising cost of gas…made me head to Travelocity to check out air fares.

…And begin the questioning of my wisdom and the way airlines do things. I mean, why have 9 different seating groups when it’s a hodgepodge of overly impatient people lining up in the aisle? Just an idea, but why not board those who have window seats first so Harry in the aisle seat doesn’t have to get back up and move into the aisle out Larry can get to his seat. Or, even more cumbersome, Harry and Gary in the aisle and middle seats have to both get up and move so leisuring Larry can get to the window?

…And am I getting wider or is my economy seat getting narrower? Is the diminishing width of the economy seats a conspired airline plan to get me to upgrade? Notice how people in economy have to walk through the first class and business class seating areas before we get to our sliver of cushion. We walk past the smug looks and passengers enjoying their first glass of wine to get to the result of our budget-consciousness.

…And after figuring out what the plane fare will be, do airlines really need to THEN put an extra “seat cost” on to it? It’s like a Jeopardy game board…”I’ll take 21A for $59.” Shouldn’t people in an Exit Row who are going to be asked to take the initial steps in saving their fellow passengers in an emergency landing…shouldn’t they receive a stipend for their service– kinda like being in the military– instead of paying more, simply because they have extra legroom?

…And, here’s an idea from a teacher that will never fly (Sorry for the pun!). What if a test was given to all of the passengers right after the safety instructions are given? Those who flunk the test would be “held back” for the next flight or, better yet, the highest scores would go to those front row seats in first-class!

…And finally, the 13 high school students who caused a flight to the Bahamas to be delayed until the next day because they were refusing to wear masks (Or at least a couple of them were, depending on who you believe!), why not make them sit back by the lavatories and made to watch Teletubbies episodes the whole flight? That would stimulate some obedience! You may, however, have to give additional instruction to the Exit Row passengers about guarding the doors from people trying to escape.

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