Come to the Table, Would Ya’?

The Georgia Voting Restrictions that were recently passed has caused quite the stir, like two Ultimate Fighters seeking to pummel the opponent on the other side while never acknowledging their weaknesses.

As I looked for information on the restrictions, rationale and also rationale for being opposed to them, I noticed a few disheartening things. Most of the news sources were more about convincing the reader of the validity of the changes or how oppressive they were. It was hard to find a news source whose purpose was to simply report the news and leave it to the reader to make up their own mind about it.

And then there were the political advocates and opponents! Each of the two prominent political parties brings quotes and slammed to the situation that seek to convince the reader of the righteousness of their position. Sometimes what is being said isn’t the whole story, but rather just enough to cause there reader to be swayed.

And here’s the thing! I believe I speak for millions of Americans in saying “We just want our politicians to come to the table…maybe break bread together and they’re talking about what is and what can be, not politicking.

Both sides have good points and both sides need to share in the blame. However, the perception put forward is that one side is always right and the other side is always wrong.

When Paul said, “All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God…” he wasn’t thinking of Republicans and Democrats, but it still seems relevant. Political parties are about power and persuasion, not about peace and progress.

And that’s what’s so frustrating for me as a citizen, to see two agendas that are miles apart and a resistance to compromise and common sense. Compromise seems to be seen as a sign of weakness and vulnerability and common sense is like the index that is restricted to the end of the book.

Call me an old-timer. I just remember the old days when a community made up of different people with different beliefs and opinions would still be able to come together for the common good. Yes, I’m that old…and yet I still believe it’s possible!

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