Teaching an Old Dog New Millennial Tricks

They called me. A sudden staff vacancy with only 5 days until students return…kinda’…they needed someone with a heartbeat who they already know.

So they called me to see if I would be a long-term guest staff person teaching 7th Grade Language Arts virtually for at least the first three weeks. And I started today, sitting in our teaching team meeting lapping up the strange-sounding info like a thirsty German Shepherd.

I knew a few things before I sat down with the millennials today, like how to turn my laptop on and get online…and how to wear a face mask. But this Rin-Tin-Tin is still more comfortable with hard copy and Bic pens. I’m having to adjust. It reminds me, in a different sort of way, of when we moved to Colorado from Michigan and I played basketball for the first time at 6,000 feet. I was sucking air and the basketball felt like a shot put being thrown from my tired arms. It took me a while to adjust to the reaching of “new heights”, so to speak!

I’ve been doing Facebook Live readings on Sunday nights all through the summer, so I’m comfortable being seen by people I can’t see. This is a few more steps toward the edge of the cliff, however. Now I’m going to be kinda’ seeing students, about 20-22 at a time, and asking them to click onto the assignment page and begin working on the questions there. Wait a minute! That means I need to develop an assignment page that they can link into! That means I have to figure out how to get that page idea onto a page and then get it somehow onto their page!

It’s a brave new world that is scarier than all get out. Thankfully, I have teammates who have the patience of Job and they know I’m up for learning new tricks.

Like today, when I was trying to figure out how to drink coffee with a face mask on. Do you think it’s okay to wear a face mask with coffee stains on the outside?

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