Grandkid Com—plete Sent—ences

I love my grandkids, and not just because they provide me a wealth of a writing material. They are wrapped-up packages of diverse personalities and unique talents.

Since their mom is a 15 year veteran of elementary school teaching, each one of them has developed pre-mature oratory skills. They are highly proficient in their reading, but…higher still in their ability to interrupt one another…and me in the midst of any sentence.

For example, this morning it took me a full two minutes to ask the simple and brief question “What would you like for breakfast?” It was like taking the Kentucky backroads because of a main road under construction. There are so many twists and turns that one can forget where he was initially heading to.

“What would you like–“

“Granddad, the sprinklers went off this morning even though it rained a–“

“Leo’s asleep on my bed!” (Leo is their new kitten, who catches “catnaps” when he can because of the excessive activity he’s expected to have each day.)

“What would you–“

“Reagan, why is he sleeping on your bed? Why isn’t he in my room?”

“Because you carry him around by his neck and he’s scared of you.

“No, he isn’t!”

“Like I was saying, what–“

“Anybody see my retainer case?”

“It’s right there!”

“Granddad, did you know that Mommy took Leo to the vet yesterday?”

“Yes, I did. So, what would you like for–“

“He got a shot and he didn’t like it.”

“And he hissed at another cat. That would have been so funny!”

“Granddad, did you know that I broke my horse’s neck yesterday?”

“See, Corin! That’s why Leo stays away from you.”

“No, it’s not, Reagan! He loves me and he’s so cute.”

“Do you mean the horse that you bought at the dollar store?”

“Yes, that one who’s head snapped off.”

“I was aware of the snappage. Now, what would you like for–“

“Granddad, when are we going to go to the North Pole?” (The North Pole is a small kid-friendly amusement park a few miles west of Colorado Springs. Carol and I have made it a yearly-tradition to take the grandkids, except 10 month old Joey, for a day of an assorted mix of rides, most of which go around in a circle and make honking noises)

“Next week, I believe. Now, back to my question.”

“Are you wondering what we want for breakfast?”

“Yes, exactly!”

“Just ask us, Granddad! That’s all you have to do. I’ll take a bagel and cream cheese.”

Like I said, Kentucky backroads to finally arrive at the forgotten destination.

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