Masked Marvels

The designs are creative, almost fashion statements. Wearing masks is the new frontier. I saw a man this week whose mask made it look like he had a baby pacifier in his mouth. And then you’ve got a young lady making me look twice at the bright pair of red lips decorating the front of her mask, and another guy who looks like he’s got a set of extra-wide choppers smiling for eternity.

Me? My mask is as plain Jane as you can get. I don’t need extra attention. I just want to get by.

What intrigues me still- mystifies me, if you will- is the number of people who still walk face-naked into the supermarket. Or Walgreen’s!!! Walgreen’s, you know that place where you go to buy medicine when you’re not feeling well, as well as pick up prescriptions. Hello!

My wife heard an interesting analogy about wearing a mask compared to not. The person compared it to two naked people urinating on each other. That’s how it is when two non-masked people are within a couple of feet of one another in a store. She went on to say that if one person had pants on and the other peed on him, at least he’d have the pants as a layer of protection. But if both people had pants on and urinary issues, no one would have the other person’s…business on him.

Disturbing visual there, but it draws the importance of wearing a mask to the forefront. At Lowe’s today, an unmasked man who looked to be about 60 was walking into the store holding hands with a lady about his age- I’m assuming his wife- and she was wearing a mask! Okay, what’s wrong with that picture?

Listen! I’m not infatuated with masks. I began running again this week, but I don’t wear a mask as I’m getting red in the face during my run. When I take my morning walk around the neighborhood at 7:30 I’m unmasked. Ain’t nobody else out at 7:30, and if I come upon someone we make room for one another.

Masks may be here to stay for a while. We may get to a point where we recognize one another by the design on their mask. I need to get a Michigan State Spartan mask. If the Spartans play bad, at least I can hide my face behind the mask. If they take it to the Wolverines I can wear it like I’m a proud papa.

I wonder if guys whose pants always seem to be sagging wear sagging masks. Or maybe they pull them further up their face for the contrast.

The only thing I don’t like about wearing a mask is that it sometimes causes my glasses to fog up. It’s kinda’ strange having to pull my eyeglasses off so I can see better.

I need to be honest. I’m starting to make judgments about people on the basis of their missing masks at King Soopers supermarket. Are they that determined to exercise their personal freedom that they feel they have the right to sniff the cantaloupes? That just doesn’t seem right. Seeing someone sniffing the shampoo with an unmasked extra-long snoot makes me want to hurl…and I’m wearing a mask as I’m gagging!

Bottom line: Be safe. Be responsible. Be anonymous!

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