My Doubts In Self-Controlled Entitled Folk

I notice it at the four-way stops around our neighborhood. Perhaps it’s because the pandemic has lessened the amount of traffic, but my three-times-a-day walks have me seeing numerous kinda’ stops. That is, people slow down a little bit as if the stop sign is a suggestion.

That’s an indication, in my opinion, that the lessening of restrictions about to happen is also a bad sign. Our governor has emphasized that people should exercise self-control and continue to observe safe social distancing, as well as “staying safer at home.”

In our culture of entitlement, however, there will be numerous folk who will use this easing of the mandates to do what they very well please. Others be damned is the battle cry for many.

Call this optimist a skeptic, but I see it in the supermarket. A little step of courtesy and community concern like wearing a mask is ignored by so many. Here are the store employees all wearing protection gear (masks and gloves) and unmasked Johnny Cool comes waltzing in as if the world revolves around him.

That’s why I’m uneasy about reopening. Many businesses have thought through it and are ready with new procedures and safeguards. I applaud that. One restaurant owner said his establishment would go to a “no cash” system where the customer could pay, using an app. He also said the menu would be available on cell phones, instead of using paper menus. That’s thinking ahead of the best ways to run a business and keep people safe.

The problems are the Johnny Cool’s and Betty Not-So-Bright’s who feel enlightened to exercise their free will at the expense of others.

Self-control is an antiquated term and characteristic of our culture. In Scripture, it’s almost always written about as being an indicator of maturity, wisdom, and a part of someone who has a consistent spiritual journey. Conversely, the lack of self-control is a sign of depravity and stupidity.

There have been encouraging signs of how people have stepped up to help one another, contributing food, money, and creativity. It’s just all of those self-absorbed, it’s-all-about-me folk that turn his grey hair greyer.

And, let me tell ya’, I’m very careful crossing streets!

stop sign

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