Background Books Obsession

I can’t help myself and I’m getting a crick in my neck because of it!

Yesterday, ESPN’s Adam Shefter was talking about NFL draft possibilities…who could be picked early and who could be picked late…and all I could focus on was the books on the shelves behind him. There was Louie Zamperini’s story, Unbroken, that I’ve seen in the theatre and read the book. Other titles seemed harder to make out so I moved closer to the TV and leaned my head to the right, trying to read titles.

It’s my ADD indicator. Put books on shelves behind the NBC News Correspondent and I don’t even hear him saying that the sky is falling. There’s David McCullough’s 1776! And what was that? Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals! Classic!

I have yet to locate a James Patterson novel showing on one of those shelves. Probably located lower so the camera doesn’t pick it up. I did see a Daniel Silva on one shelf, trying to be hidden by the cookbooks on either side.

Thankfully the remote shoots don’t last too long. Otherwise, I’d be walking around with a warped view of my surroundings.

Some shelves have more literary works than others. Some are more opinions lengthened to 300 pages of print. Shefter had some classic-looking book covers whose contents I couldn’t make out. Perhaps they were classics like The Tale of Two Cities and The Last of the Mohicans. More likely, they were George Plimpton’s Paper Lion and Out of My League.

Fox News shelves tilted to the right and CNN readjusted my neck posture to the left. Al Roker had shelves of LPs.

Meanwhile, the news and commentaries resonated at background noise as I concentrated on what was in the background. I wonder…I just wonder…if I sent a copy of my book, Red Hot: New Life in Fleming, to Adam Shefter would he put it on the second shelf from the top, right between Michael Lewis’s Moneyball and Grisham’s Calico Joe? I’d even autograph it for him!

assorted books on shelf

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