The First Novel

Exciting! Long time coming! Knock on wood! Break a leg! Mom and Dad would be proud!

There are a lot of thoughts going through my head as I look at the Amazon page with my first novel on it. The paperback version of Red Hot: New Life in Fleming became available for purchase this morning. The Kindle version went public two days ago.

After sending the manuscript to several literary agents and publishers and being turned down, I decided to give it a go on Amazon. In the changing environment of the publishing world it has become more and more difficult to have a novel get picked up. After all, publishers need to make a profit, and so many of their books don’t.

A few weeks ago I read a newspaper article about an author who put her first book on Amazon. It did well and a publisher became interested in further novels she wrote.

Who knows? It got me thinking. So…if you’re interested you can find the novel on Amazon. My author name is W.D. Wolfe.

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One Comment on “The First Novel”

  1. Sheryl Cloud Says:

    I cant wait to read it!

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