Joseph’s Love


“Because Joseph her (Mary) husband was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.” (Matthew 1:19)

Love causes us to do some foolish things. I remember going AWOL from home when I was about eleven years old because of a young lady who seemed interested in me. The interest lasted for a day; my consequences upon returning home lasted a lot longer!

Love causes us to forfeit our place in line for our beloved. It stands in for a thrown stone, fights against an insult cast, and protects the one who stands helpless.

We see love in Joseph’s willingness to quietly end his relationship with Mary, even though the law said he could save face by allowing her to be disgraced.

Love is like that. It goes against what people say are justifiable actions. It’s a warm shoulder instead of a cold shoulder, a soft touch instead of a firm backhand.

I often see love in marriages that have spanned several decades. I see it in the healthy spouse who waits beside the bed of the frail partner. I see it in the surrender of personal wants for the needs of the other.

There is no doubt that Joseph’s heart was broken when he heard Mary was expecting, but the shame and agony got pushed to the side as he formed a plan to help Mary through this.

And then the angel spoke to him in a dream! A love with doubts was suddenly replaced with a love that admired. I’m sure it looked like the love of a fool to those around Joseph, but a foolish love is always better than legal resentment.

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