Not Over Yet!

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                            July 27, 2013




Americans are notorious for judging the outcome before the verdict is in. Thank God the patriots of our nation’s birthing days didn’t read the predicted outcome of becoming disagreeable with the British.

I chuckled at the number of people in attendance at Game Six of the NBA finals between Miami and San Antonio. How many people headed towards the parking lots to get a jump of the traffic, because they judged that the Heat were dead in the water? They not only missed the incredible end of the game, but they also were absent from seeing Ray Allen’s incredible shot. I guess my chuckle was more about the number of people trying to get back into the arena after word spread that the Heat had risen from the dead. How silly they looked on the banging on the doors?

Of course, most people who were alive during the  Dewey-Truman presidential election remember most of the nation going to bed on election night believing that Tarry Truman had been defeated. The Chicago Tribune headline that next morning was “Dewey Defeats Truman!” After newspaper deadlines had hit, however, Truman made the historic comeback and grabbed the election.

Our tendency to determine the outcome has stood out in my mind as I’ve watched recent events in the news and also read more and more comments from people who say the church is on it’s last legs.

It seems that critics of faith have written the communities of Christian faith off. the church is viewed as irrelevant, archaic, gay-bashing, and narrow-minded. Venom seems to be spewed more and more towards the very people who seek to live by the principles of 1 Corinthians 13.

Westboro Baptist is how more and more people characterize the church. The church that hands out cups of cold water, takes care of the widows, and provides fellowship for the lonely is rendered not newsworthy.

But, of course, the Bible consistently communicates the principle that following God is not a road that is void of suffering and persecution. Love will be resisted. Proclaiming hope will be discounted.

As we seek justice for all we must also keep that picture of people at the Heat-Spurs game to gave up hope within our minds. Followers of Jesus know that it’s not over yet, even when dark clouds encompass us.

Good Friday looked grim, but…

Can you hear a stone being moved?

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