First Dominican Lesson Learned

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                                    June 23, 2013


Our mission team arrived in Santo Domingo safely tonight, except for one bag and one team member. Jeff was meeting us in Miami, but got delayed in Georgia. Hopefully,, he will join us tomorrow.

My first Dominican lesson was learned before we even got on our team bus at the airport. One man asked me for a tip as our bags were finishing being loaded on the bus. I assumed he was an airport porter, so I reached into my pocket and got my wallet out. He said “Twenty!” So “Mister Clueless” gave him a $20 bill.

Then he had a friend standing there also, who I cluelessly assumed was also a porter.

$20 for him!”

My first Dominican lesson cost me $40! It was only after my wallet was lighter that it dawned on me that I had been taken.

When you look clueless, people looking for someone who IS clueless pounce. Losing a quick forty can suddenly make you wiser as you grow poorer. But one of the things about the Dominican Republic is that there are a lot of people…a lot of people who live on the fringe of survival. Sometimes survivak fringe is a place where boundaries are loosened and people do what they need to do to get by.

Understand that we were greeted by many friendly smiling people, genuinely happy that we are here in their land, but we are also acutely ignorant of systems, customs, and tendencies.

Lesson one learned. On to lesson two and more tomorrow!

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