God Trivia and Trivializing

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                                    June 11, 2013


Our family used to play “Trivial Pursuit”- the non-Biblical version. We tried to play “Biblical Pursuit” and came away feeling that we really didn’t know Jesus because we couldn’t answer the question “Where was Benaiah, the valiant fighter and son of Jehoiada, from?” Many of you immediately responded “Kabzeel.” It was an any question, I know, but we couldn’t come up with it.

Trivial Pursuit wasn’t much better. I thought I was the cat’s meow when it came to the “Sports and Leisure” category, and would end up getting something about “cricket.”

Trivial Pursuit, the pursuit of trivia, was popular for a number of years. My brother, an expert on meaningless trivia, was actually a panelist on a call-in radio show back in Lexington, Kentucky, for a couple of years.

There have been a number of books written that deal with Bible trivia. Just google “amazing Bible facts” and see what comes up.

The thing about trivia is that is fails to create intimacy. It’s interesting, and may even cause us to open our mouths in sheer unbelief, but trivia doesn’t bring us to know God even as we’re knowing about God.

Almost twenty years ago Don McCullough wrote a book entitled The Trivialization of God. One of the points that he makes is that there has been a tendency within the church to de-emphasize the God of the Bible- all powerful, all-knowing, holy and majestic- and create a God that is more comfortable for our lives. The holiness of God is hard to focus on because it has such tremendous implications for the life of the believer and the church.

McCullough’s point is that the church has steadfastly lost its influence because it has trivialized the holy things of God. He writes, “We prefer the illusion of a safer deity, and so we have pared God down to more manageable proportions. Our era has no exclusive claim to the trivialization of God. This has always been the temptation and the failure for the people of God. (The Trivialization Of God, page 14)

Trivia is safer than deep relationship. Holiness, however, is God’s gift to the church. The realization that God has called us to be a community of love that seeks to reflect his holy love…is life lived at a deeper level.

I may not know where Benaiah was from, but I do know a little bit about what God has called us to.

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