WORDS FROM W.W. September 22, 2011

God has been impressing upon me in recent weeks the urgency of prayer, and also the opportunity of prayer. The more I’m learning the more I feel like a prayer rookie.
It’s similar to my football coaching days. I’m in my seventh year of coaching middle school football. I was the school’s basketball coach (Still am for 10 years now!), and the Athletic Director cornered me in a coffee shop one summer morning and asked me to coach football. I played football through my freshman year of high school, but things were not complex back in those days. Now as the head coach overseeing the program for the 7th grade and 8th grade I feel like such a rookie. Football terminology is like New Testament Greek. It requires a lot of coffee to help in the comprehension.
That’s how prayer has been seeming to me lately. I’ve prayed for almost my entire life, but it seems like God has been teaching an old dog new tricks. I’m having a lot of “a-ha moments”, but I’m also having a lot of “I just don’t get it” moments.
Prayer is a part of the relationship. It’s like the steam coming off a hot cup of coffee. It’s a part of the experience. After a while the steam becomes less, but then the server comes around for a “warm-up.” That’s a picture of the heat and coolness of our prayer. We need continual warm-ups.
So much of prayer emerges out of the wrong motives. I’m aware that I have a tendency to pressure God with my own agenda, not that God can actually feel pressured. It’s like I’m my own lobbying group peppering him with my needs and initiatives.
“God, open the wallets and purses of the people to take care of this budget deficit.”
“God, grow our church!” (Notice the word “our!”)
“God, the lawn needs rain. It’s losing it’s greenness!”
“God, get that nagging person off my back!”

And so I’m learning that I often approach prayer with a wrong mindset, wrong questions, and wrong motives. I’m a rookie trying to understand.
On the other hand I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a “prayer chiseled-veteran.”

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One Comment on ““PRAYER ROOKIE””

  1. Pasture Bill Says:

    Paster Bill, I think no I Belive that all of who are belivers still prayer rookies and still learning to pray. Then when we all can get that duh moment were looking for.

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