“Vacation Diary”

WORDS FROM W.W. August 10, 2011
My wife and I returned from two weeks of vacation on Monday in the Midwest. I thought I would summarize the experience.
Day 1- Left home at 6:30am to travel to DIA (Denver). Vacation started with standing in lines at airport. I thought I was at Cedar Point Amusement Park, but instead of standing in line for a roller coaster I realized I was standing in line to meet a TSA agent.
Day 2- In Michigan. Hot and humid.
Day 3- In Michigan. Hot and humid. Carol and I get reintroduced to something called a mosquito, and his friends! We become “blood relatives.”
Day 4- In Michigan. Hotter and more humid. Instinctively I start to pull off my sweater, and then I realize I’m not wearing one. It’s an invisible “humidity sweater.” Not a fan!
Day 5- In Michigan and then traveling to Ohio. Hot and humid. Humidity has decided to follow us down I-75. We stay with my “best man” and his wife. Good to see them again. He proceeds to humiliate me in ping-pong!
Day 6- In Ohio. Weather forecast calls for increasing hotness and widely uncomfortable humidity.
Day 7- In Ohio. My armpits feel like perspiration fountains. Longing for a blizzard, and I don’t mean from Dairy Queen!
Day 8- In Ohio. It’s raining! Praise the Lord! We celebrate by going to Long John Silver’s for lunch. Mistake! The rest of the day I feel like there is a fish swimming inside me.
Day 9- In Ohio and Indiana. Hot and humid, but we’re in our rental car so we are oblivious…until we stop for gas. It’s so hot that I’m afraid the fuel might ignite. Humidity lower, however. Only about 75%!
Day 10- In Illinois. Hot, humid, and considerably miserable. But on the positive, we get to be in bumper to bumper traffic!
Day 11- In Illinois. Family golf outing. Eighteen holes at a nice golf course. I notice that Carol’s cousin is sweating profusely and we haven’t even teed off yet. After teeing off I realize he just got a jump on us. Each of us (Ten of us in all!) proceeds to “sweat like a pig”, as my grandfather used to say. After my tee shot on the first hole I’m counting down how many holes are left before I can shower!
Day 12- In Illinois. Hot and humid as we trudge through our last day before flying back to Colorado. The highlight is meeting with some old college friends that evening. It rains as a sign of God’s blessing on our gathering together.
Day 13- Back to Colorado. We arrive at the airport extra early so we can get the full effect of waiting in lines again. I feel like a steer that is being led to a place I don’t really want to go to. At O’Hare the TSA agents make you feel a little bit like you are a criminal who is being processed through to a holding cell. The full body scan is a trip! And, of course, since we arrived extra early we discover that our flight is delayed. Arrive back home at 1:15am.
Day 14- Back to work and it’s hot…but it isn’t humid! Praise the Lord!

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One Comment on ““Vacation Diary””

  1. Bill Wolf Says:

    Pastwd Bill, I bet U all fun regaurdiess of the hummitedity and heat. thank the the lord for Ur safe travel to from!

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