Post-May 21 Stress

WORDS FROM W.W. May 22, 2011
This is going to be a stressful week! I wasn’t suppose to be here. May 21 was suppose to be it! Beam up! Blue jeans left behind! All of that!
I’d been saving up all of my new credit card offers that came in the mail, and then last week I went on a Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sears, Jared Jewelers, Barnes & Noble buying binge. Since I was being “taken” I wouldn’t be around when the credit card bills came.
Might as well go out living like a king!
Might as well give in to my consumeristic temptations for the last couple of days of earthly existence! After all, I knew I was on the exit launch.
But then Harold Camping’s prophecy that he said was guaranteed didn’t happen! Was he simply off by a week? Will I still get the sudden flash experience BEFORE the credit card bills arrive? I’m in limbo here…no, better not use that term. I think a certain Christian church still teaches about it.
I’m in an in-between place. Am I coming or going? Am I freely exiting, or am I staying in the midst of newly-incurred debt?
Will Dick’s Sporting Goods take back my slightly used and abused monster-head driver? Does Best Buy mind is I opened and used all of the 30 new PS 3 games that I bought?
Like I said, I’ve got so much stress to deal with, now that I’m still in the here and present.

I probably should have made the house payment also…for the past few months.
And then there’s the car. Lucky I didn’t pay that Firestone bill for the four new tires yet, since I won’t be having the car much longer anyway.
I probably could have gotten by without the facial plastic surgery, but, hey, I wasn’t sure if I’d be jetted up in this body, or some other physical outfit, so I had a few nip and tucks just so I’d be looking good when I got welcomed into glory.
So, as you can see, Harold has caused me a lot of grief. Someone needs to take the blame for my irresponsibility and self-serving actions!
I can’t be!

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