“MAY 21, 2011”

WORDS FROM W.W. May 11, 2011

If I’m still here on May 22 it means that Harold Camping was wrong, or I’m in a heap of hurt!
That’s because Camping has guaranteed that May 21 will be Judgment Day. True believers will be taken to heaven, while the rest of the world’s population will begin to endure a series of devastating earthquakes. Wait a minute! There were a couple of devastating quakes in Japan a few weeks ago, and there was on in Spain today! Maybe Camping was off by 10 days himself.
What if he’s right, but he was left behind as well? That would be a hard pill to swallow!
Just for conversation, however, let’s assume that he will be wrong. After all, he predicted the same thing would happen in 1994. I don’t know if he had giant billboards back then, but he does this time. Using a passage from Ezekiel, he believes this is it! The billboards even boast that “The Bible guarantees it!”
The Bible also talks about the day of the Lord coming again like “…a thief in the night” (1 Thessalonians 5:2). In other words, no one really knows when it’s going to happen except the Lord.
But there’s something that draws certain people to predict what the Scriptures they is unpredictable. Many of us what to know when, how, and what is going to happen. You could call it “spiritual insider trading.” If I can get some foreknowledge I’ll be better prepared.
History has been littered with predictions of doom and gloom by various preachers and screechers. Perhaps May 21 will be the end of them, and the end of the world. Perhaps only God knows!
Unfortunately, the world sees a lot of hatred coming out of parts of the Christian church and it has become skeptical of anything that comes with a scriptural guarantee, or is announced with a church label.
Westboro Baptist.
The pastor who put on his church’s marquee “Bombs Made Next Door” with an arrow pointed at the mosque next to it.
Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who burned the Koran.
The love of Jesus has gotten tainted by the words and actions of a few. I have to admit I’m sometimes embarrassed by some of the things that the media broadcasts. Anything, it seems, is just a “tweet” away from hitting the news.
The May 21 proclamation has me at a loss of words. It brings back memories of Oral Roberts raising money for his university’s medical school. He gave a date and a figure and told his audience that if the money wasn’t raised the Lord was going to take him home. The owner of a greyhound racing track in Florida came forward with the last few million he needed. That was too bad! Not because I disliked Oral, but because if it came true and the Lord did take him home on that date it would have ignited some real repentance from a lot of people.
So now I wait for 6pm on May 21! I realize the chaos in Creation, and the cruelty of people, but I also see a desire in many to love God by serving others.
Incidentally, I don’t know which time zone the 6pm is. Maybe it will be like New Year’s Eve- one time zone at a time. If that’s the case, by the time it gets to the West Coast there could be a lot of people knee-bound!

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One Comment on ““MAY 21, 2011””

  1. Friar_Tuck Says:

    If a person starts talking about when Jesus is coming back, put your hand on your wallet and walk out the door. They are only after one thing

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