The Crazyness of the Season

WORDS FROM W.W. December 7, 2010

The Christmas Season is the time of the year that many people classify as the favorite. There is so much in it! Just take a moment to ponder.
Christmas cards….Christmas carols…manger scenes…Salvation Army bellringers…Toys for Tots…Santa Claus…Black Friday 4am specials…egg nog…candy canes…fruitcake…Christmas Eve candelight service…Christmas trees…lights…fudge…wrapping paper…silence…FedEx deliveries…children’s programs…company Christmas parties…Christmas ties…advent devotional booklets…cookies…family gatherings…decorations…bows…a “Christmas Story” movie, and THE Christmas Story.
I could go on, but you get the idea. It’s massive. It’s a seasonal event that requires the whole season.
This is not a new thought I’m about to put before you. Think of it more like being one of those sticky note reminders on your kitchen counter about something you know, but might forget.
There is an even greater danger of displacing Jesus during Christmas than any other time of the year. It’s all about him to the point that it can become nothing about him!
I remember being at a hospital one time to visit someone from the church I was pastoring. The patient had another visitor there at the same time, who was there…supposedly to encourage the patient, but the visitor monopolized all of the conversation and made it all about herself, even though she was in the room of the patient who needed attention.
Interesting, and disturbing.
Christmas is so much about Jesus, that it can become nothing about Jesus.
Last week our senior adults’ bible study was sharing what makes Christmas special to each one of them. One couple said that a tradition that they have that remains in a sacred time space is the reading of the Christmas story from scripture on Christmas Eve. Everything else is put on pause, all activity ceases, in order for the story of God Incarnate to be heard once again.
Perhaps that’s where we might start this year. In the midst of the fruitcake and wrapped presents, set aside some space…some time…for the scripture story to be heard once again.
I am such a radical optimist that I think the massiveness of the Christmas season won’t deluge upon us in some ways. I mean I almost have to use a forklift just to carry the Sunday paper in a couple of those weeks. I know it’s not that there has been a great increase in the news. The Gazette is on a sliding scale- as the rpice goes up the amount of news goes down. No…I know that the bulk is because a multitude of stores want to entice me to think that my life will not be complete without a visit to their crammed aisles in the coming days. The massiveness of Christmas surrounds me.
But maybe I can create some space for Jesus.

It that crazy!

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