WORDS FROM W.W. February 21, 2010

There was a movie called The Bucket List that was about two men who are in their last days. They make a list of things they want to do, places they want to see, conversations they want to have, before they “kick the bucket.”
It was one of those films that make you think about life, about your purpose in life, and, ultimately, your death. Sorry to be morbid or depressing, but too often we don’t think about the next life because we’re too focused on this world. I believe there is a better middle point, if you will, that considers all of life- this and the next. Instead of dividing it into a “this and that” or “before death and after demise”, perhaps we need to develop “a bucket list” that contains what our hopes are for now and eternity.
The thought occurred to me the past two days as I was experiencing a trip to Duke University with three friends of mine. Having an affection for basketball (People who know me knows that goes without saying.), being able to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium and see a Duke basketball game from the fourth row behind the Duke bench, as well as shooting free throws on the main floor the night before in an empty arena, was an incredible experience. Although being a Michigan State Spartan and a University of Kentucky Wildcat, I was “into” the Duke experience. (One Christian Laettner buzzer beater wasn’t going to spoil the whole trip for me.)
It made me think about what else would be on my list? What is my bucket list for this life and the next? Here’s the beginnings of one that will continue to be added to as I ponder it more:
• See the heart of a community and a church become enmeshed with one another.
• Write a book…and then another…and then…
• Officiate in the state high school basketball tournament.
• Sit on the bench as a coach for a high school team that is playing in a state high school basketball tournament (Obviously, not at the same time as the previous item on the list.)
• Know without a shadow of a doubt, (perhaps because the Holy Spirit has whispered to my heart) that someone’s eternal destination was re-routed because of a conversation the two of us had.
• To be able to understand scripture clearly…even Revelation!
• To be able to talk with God in a way that seems like, without minimizing His holiness, that he’s sitting across from me in a booth at a Starbucks.
• To be able, with my wife, to take our grandkids on a multitude of trips that will make them giggle with glee.
• To visit Italy again.
• To be able to understand why God allows certain things and not others to happen. In other words, to one day in eternity to see the whole panoramic view of time and connect the dots.
• To have stepped foot in every one of the fifty states.
• To read every book in my personal library…not just look at them.
• To know that I just encountered an angel.
• To be able to eat seafood every day for a month…freshly caught mind you! Not fish sticks!
• To go to an NCAA Final Four (Back to Basketball!)
• To sit with Carol in our family room with a fire going in the fireplace…and the TV off!
• To baptize my grandson…and any other grandkids that might come on the scene.
• To be able to study, reflect, and write for an extended period of time without having to work about the administrative details of a pastor’s weekly routine.
• To take a road trip with Dave Volitis.
• To go back to Zanesville, Ohio, and have a pizza from Adornetto’s Pizza, the best pizza I’ve ever had even though it’s been 41 years since I had the last one.
• To take my son on a road trip to major league baseball stadiums.
• To hike the Grand Canyon.
• To anonymously give some kind of gift that will change the course of a person’s life.
• To welcome the end of this life because I know God’s purpose is being fulfilled. (“Has been fulfilled” is a term that I believe only comes after the final breath. Until then, we are in the process heading towards fulfillment.)
• To see Jesus.
That’s a start! As soon as I sign off ten more things will occur to me, but I guess what I’m saying is that I’m thinking about life, what it looks like, what gives it substance and flavor. Too often we think about that when it’s too late to think any more.

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2 Comments on “THE BUCKET LIST”

  1. Laura Patterson Says:

    I’ve often thought about my bucket list too. I have seen too many people die young in my life which makes me realize that life on this earth is short. I guess that is why I quit my job to stay home with my kids. One thing on my bucket list is to see both my kids have Jesus as their forever friend!

  2. Dean Hutchinson Says:

    Skydive into Normandy, France…Scuba dive in the Red Sea with Krista…Walk my sweet daughter down the aisle…Share with my son the first time he gets to experience fatherhood…Baptize my children. Just to name a few.

    Glad you got to go on the Duke trip, Bill. Pretty neat. Maybe I can join you next year. Miller needs to put UNC also on the weekend “to-do” list.

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