August 13, 2009
“First Things First”

I’ve never been really that talented in following directions. Cookbooks are like literary minefields that confound me. Happy meal toys that needed to be assembled caused me to cry. Taking tests that required that I read the directions first caused irreparable damage to my GPA…well, okay, it was ONE of the things that caused my GPA to plummet. (My reasoning was if you were close to 0.00 you didn’t have as far to fall! My mom and dad didn’t agree with that reasoning.)
The past few weeks I’ve been speaking on different Psalms, trying to show the different emphases and themes that come through that amazing book in the Bible. This week I’m focusing on Psalm 63. The way it begins makes me think of my lack of following directions.
“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you…”
It is thought that Psalm 63 was a meditation song/prayer for early morning.
First things first!
Would it change our perspective on the day ahead of us if we began each morning by saying the first ten words from Psalm 63? Perhaps it could be in rhythm with the movement of your toothbrush. As you scrub your pearly whites you say those words and meditate on them. Or as soon as your feet hit the floor the words become as automatic as hitting the alarm clock with your fist.
The point is not to establish a ritual as much as it is to commit to the focus of a new day. I find myself rushing through a day like it’s a 24 hour sprint- a sort of “Le Mans 24 hour race”! The day begins at a quick pace and it ends in a quick pace. Sometimes my attitude is more along the lines, “If God can stay up with me, that’s okay! But I’m not slowing down my pace just for him!”
“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you…”
What if we began the day with God in front of us and allowed him to set the agenda and the pace? It would be much easier, and the words that we mouth would echo in their heart, if our seeking of God would involve more foresight than hindsight. Earnestly seeking something seldom involves my backside. I’m seeking what is in front of me.
Tomorrow morning don’t just say the first two words with a moan as you get out of bed: “O God!” Take a deep breath, brace yourself, and finish the declaration.
“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you…”
It’s a good beginning! It may even erase the usual scowl on your face as you’re eating your oatmeal!

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