WORDS FROM W.W. May 27, 2009
“Blessed Apathy”

I find that it is increasing rather than decreasing. The root causes are as numerous as the dandelions in my front yard. It seems that when I spray one dandelion three others pop up their heads a few feet away.
Apathy is alive and “weedy” in our society.
But, there are exceptions!
Go to a professional football game.
Watch the body language of a parent whose son’s is sitting on the team bench during crunch time.
Be outside Walmart at 5 a.m., on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. (Last year an employee got trampled to death when the doors opened!)
Have your connecting flight cancelled. (There are no apathetic passengers on Southwest Airlines, especially at any gate of Southwest Airlines!)
Apathy diminishes as personal inconvenience increases. It’s a “social new math equation.”
Second social new math equation: Apathy increases as a person’s understanding of being blessed by God decreases. In other words, the more a person believes the world revolves around himself or herself the more apathetic that person becomes about the blessing of God in his or her life.
Apathy moves in when passion moves out. Apathy is the curse of a church that has lost its passion. It is also the by-product of a group that has lost its voice, or perhaps more accurately, has been given no voice.
There are many reasons why a new wave of churches are being raised that are comprised mainly of young adults, but one of them is that the apathy of the church towards what they are saying has created an apathy in the “twenty-somethings” towards what the “mother church” is doing.
There’s a lot of finger pointing and hypothesizing, and yet none of that recognizes the fact that we have been blessed in so many ways.
The comment may now be stated by many readers: “Well, you don’t understand….”
I agree. I don’t understand. How can we be so apathetic about being blessed?

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